Welcome to MindStrong Infotech

At Mindstrong Infotech, we create innovation through intellectual property and passion. As a high-end player specializing in enterprise platforms and applications, Mindstrong Infotech envisions, architects and delivers strategic and mission critical programs to support our customers in their business transformation initiatives. Our strength in architecting large and complex applications is valuable to customers trying to create agile IT systems. Our quality of work and the impact it creates is our self-governing benchmark.

Mindstrong Infotech is a national professional services firm specializing in Information Technology Staffing, Recruiting and Consulting Services. We have been providing our clients with skilled Information Technology professionals in short-term, long-term and permanent assignments.

Mindstrong Infotech is a rapidly growing IT solutions provider, from system maintenance and integration to Web-based solutions and enterprise architectures, we can help you to achieve your technology goals and guide you through the endless maze of change and complexity. Through developing and producing exclusive support applications and solutions, we are able to competently cater for the specific requirements of your company. We provide highly competitive and cost effective solutions that empower you to take a key role in controlling your investment. With stress free solutions and up to the minute technology, Mindstrong Infotech guarantees a sound, reliable and trustworthy IT.